In Summary

Advice and support from Ellesmere Linen Hire helps catering and hospitality businesses throughout the North East of England:

  • Plan their offering
  • Reduce investment costs
  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Reduce running costs
  • Reduce replacement costs
  • Choose the optimum solution

Often when starting out on a new venture it is difficult to know what is coming next and perhaps more particularly what the costs are going to be.

If you are launching a new restaurant, or hotel it is not always easy to work out what the cleaning costs will be and how many spare table cloths, duvet covers, etc you need to have in the pipeline to cover the cleaning cycle.

Perhaps more problematic still is working out what the replacement cycle will be on those items. The initial capital outlay of all the items you will need may be bad enough, but this is a cost shock you may not want too frequently in the future and perhaps ideally not at all.

The whole concept of linen hire is designed to remove uncertainty and and take away these types of future cost shocks. Not only do you know there will be no large cost shocks in the future, you also have the reassurance of knowing linen items will be replaced as they are needed, without any increase in fees.

We help you work the whole thing out and find the materials to use that look the best and last the longest. In fact we source everything needed for you. Sourced from known and trusted suppliers that provide great looking items that can fit well with your establishment, but still have the hardwearing quality that will keep costs down over time.

Let's be clear, this is not a take it or leave it affair. We look with you at your projected monthly costs and income and ensure we can find a solution to fit. Of course this does sometimes mean that the items being chosen are not the ideal you might want, but we will help you get as close as possible to suit your budget. Not so much cutting your coat to suit your cloth as cutting you cloth to suit your wallet.

In case you think this approach is a great way to inflate fees according to your projected income, you couldn't be more wrong. Extensive experience over almost quarter of a century has shown us what does and what does not work. We have seen all sorts of establishments come and go and we see every new linen hire agreement as an earning partnership. Yes we are charging for our services, but we also need to to make sure we keep our clients' costs as low as possible to make sure they can survive and grow long term. In fact, this is how we have grown out own business over many years.

If you are starting out on any new venture that could benefit from linen hire, we would like to talk to you. Why not get in touch now for a no obligation cost and saving estimate.